Over time you begin to wonder, maybe the happiness and love is all history is not your life ... it probably is somewhere, someone to.No stubbornness and desire to be even in something as most of those who see in front of him makes invent plans to change the life, her style .. in the hope that it will change the destiny of this never-ending bad luck. This possible or is only a hope. We always cherish a dream and living his life from dream to dream, assuring himself that later will be better. And even if this happens for some unknown reason, it ends just as quickly. And there is a general sense in all this no-ending dreams of something better. This is what is marking time, very tiring, especially when you start to dream again. Where is the progress? Where better? Pain is not getting weaker each time, if not worse. Now I do not know what to think, how to sum up under all these conclusions, which essentially have no meaning, because to change the course of things we can not afford. Can only change ourselves, well, or at least try...


About Life